Monday, November 2, 2015

Julie Jewellery - Women's Stainless Steel Rose Gold Finish Fashion Ring with Stunning Fuchsia Dome Gemstone

Jewelry is one of the 'must haves' when it comes to fashion.  Fashion is much more than clothing, hair and makeup.  Without jewelry, a wardrobe would look bare...naked, and we just can't have that!  Jewelry is like that finishing touch you add, to complete an 'almost finished' look.

One of my favorite fashion jewelry pieces are rings.  And when I say rings, I'm talking about the large gemstone types.  The rings that are large, that make a statement, that say "look at me!"  Now you got it!  I love gemstone rings, filigree rings, and rings that are unique and different.

The ring shown here, is by Julie Jewelry.  It is sold on Amazon by First-Time, a company that I have become to love and can't get enough of.  They have jewelry, watches and accessories.  I love their style and can always find something right up my alley.

Now, back to the ring.  The Stainless Steel Rose Gold Finish Fashion Ring has a Fuchsia dome glass gemstone, adorned on top of the Rose Gold Finished ring.  The Fuchsia is a bright color and has that 'statement' look that I love.  The gemstone is round and smooth, no rough edges.  Where this ring day or night and the gemstone itself, looks almost like a cat eye gemstone, due to the way it's been cut.

The ring will not rust, nor corrode, due to the stainless steel finish. Easy to care and maintain and the ring comes with it's own black velvet drawstring pouch.  Very beautiful ring that will surely make a great fashionable cocktail ring.  The ring is absolutely gorgeous in person and the rose gold and the fuchsia pink go really well together.

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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