Monday, January 18, 2016

LL- Short Open Knit Asymmetric Pullover #Poncho Sweater Top Shawl #Wrap

Seems like everywhere you turn, someone is wearing some sort of shawl, wrap or poncho. This piece of clothing has become popular here, recently and seems to have made a comeback.  Shawls (or ponchos) have taken on a new, with many different styles of look. You have those shawls or ponchos with fringe, asymmetrical lines, with and without turtlenecks, the traditional triangular shape as well as those with a cape style.

Whatever your style of poncho, Accessory Necessary on Amazon has something for you. This shawl, shown here, is a black cowl neck open knit shawl.  It is made of 100% acrylic. Although it's made of acrylic, the shawl sweater is still very soft to the touch.  This poncho comes in assorted patterns and weaves, as well as colors.  Some of the colors available include: Light Grey, Khaki, Red, Black, Brown, Ivory and Beige.  Of course, each of these colors have a different pattern or look to them.  

These ponchos can be worn in different ways.  In the picture above, I've chose to wear the poncho with the pointed sides in front and back, BUT...this can also be worn with the pointed part on the sides, leaving the front and back a little on the shorter side with the sides being longer.  The khaki color poncho shows pointed part of poncho worn on the sides.

This poncho seems lightweight enough to wear during chilly weather and can also take the place of a jacket or sweater during breezy cooler weather.  Some of us are not big fans of heavy sweaters or coats, so this poncho is ideal for those who want something to cover our arms, but without being too bulky, heavy or constricting.  I love this poncho!  I love how free it hangs on me and also how I can wear this to work and on the weekends as a fashion piece.  

This poncho has no armholes or sleeves, therefore, giving this poncho that draped look.  It's very easy to slip on or off in a second, which is another reason why I love this poncho. Check out Accessory Necessary on Amazon and check out all their other poncho options.


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions are solely my own.

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