Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Balley's Casino - Tunica, MS

It's been quite some time since I've stepped foot inside a casino...mainly because I'm not much of a gambler, but because I just can't see myself spending money and not coming out ahead! (that's usually how it is with me!). When we received a promotional card from Bally's last week, to offer us $150 dollars worth in chips/tokens plus a free buffet for two people...Well, I was definitely all Gung ho for it!

Bally's is a casino that is actually located in Robisonville, MS.  Most of the casinos, including Bally's, is know to be part of Tunica, a well known place in Tennessee for their casinos.  Bally's is nothing fancy on the outside, it looks like you are about to step inside a long barn like building, kind of rustic on the outside, but full of lights, machines and action on the inside.  

The first place we stopped at, inside of Bally's, was Katt's Kitchen. Katt's Kitchen is a nice restaurant, located just inside the front doors of the casino. There, we noticed a long buffet of food, more than anyone can eat.  They had everything from Southern cooked foods, to crab legs and oysters.  And let me tell you about the oysters. I have tried oysters before, on more than one occasion, and I DID NOT like them!  I did not like the gritty, chewy...almost choke on them, texture. (Ok, so I did not know you weren't suppose to chew them!). But these at Katt's Kitchen...OH MY!  They were warm and full of flavor. They were tender and had a little spice to them.  They were actually pretty good and it was the first time I liked them!

Mixed Berry Pie

They also had a dessert bar as well as a salad bar, but there was no way I could try everything!  I did allow myself to have one dessert, mixed berry pie! After dinner, we decided to play some slot machines.  The casino wasn't too busy or active, but we were playing kind of early, like 6:30 pm. After coming out $100 a head, we decided to walk away and call it a night.  All in all, I was glad to get out of the house, do something different and enjoy myself a bit.  

Visit Bally's casino in Tunica, MS for fun and great food. Visit their site,

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***This post is sponsored and in courtesy of Bally's Casino.  Although I received a complimentary meal and visit to Bally's, this does not influence my opinions as all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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