Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Triple Bristle Sonic #Toothbrush - #BrighterTeeth and A Cleaner Mouth

Call me old fashion, set in my ways or someone who just hasn't upgraded to a more advance toothbrush.  I have always (and still do), use a manual toothbrush.  I guess my thinking is, if it works, why change?

Well, after trying this one new toothbrush, I instantly understood why a lot of people are turning to the electronic, sonic toothbrushes!  This toothbrush, the Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush, left my teeth feeling cleaner, my mouth all tingling and a difference I normally don't get from my manual toothbrush.

Another thing I love about this Triple Bristle has two brush heads!  If you notice in the photo below, one of the brush heads has a blue ring and the other, a pink ring!  I like the fact, that this toothbrush allows you to define which toothbrush (brush head) is yours!  No more guessing!

This Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush allows you to clean your teeth in 1/3 of the time than a regular sonic toothbrush.  What makes this toothbrush so unique, is that it has not 1...not 2...but 3 bristles!  The Triple Bristle toothbrush is designed to clean your outer, inner and top teeth, all at the same time.

Some of the benefits you will get from this toothbrush are:


I will admit, it took my longer than 40 seconds, even a minute, to get used to this electronic toothbrush.  I've never used one before, so getting used to where and how to use this toothbrush, took some time.  After using it a couple times, I finally got the hang of it and wouldn't even think about going back to my manual toothbrush!

The toothbrush has three settings/modes.  Low, High and Massage.  It's recommended for those using a sonic toothbrush the first time, to use the Low setting for at least two weeks, then advance to the high.  For those who want a massaging touch, while cleaning their teeth, the last setting (massage) will give you a pulsing to your toothbrush.

It's easy to use, easily sits in its base when not in use and you can take it anywhere!  You will want to charge it up the first 24 hours, before use, to fully get a charged toothbrush.

I love the design of this toothbrush!  Sleek, light and has a charging base to match!  

This Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush was dentist created, so you know you're getting an awesome electronic toothbrush that does better than no other sonic toothbrush you've ever used.  

You can purchase this Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush at 

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.   All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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