Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ancient Grimoire Potions of The Beach Witch - Sea Salt & Flowers Spray

I love bath and body products.  I especially love bath and body products that have a unique and different twist on the regular and everyday scents that you see in some of the malls.  

This unique fragrance from the Sea Salt & Flowers Collection: Sea Salt & Flowers Sea Grass - Flowers has a totally different fragrance, as well as fragrance name, compared to a lot of other body sprays I've used.  I don't use much perfumes, but I DO use a lot of body spray.  They just seem so much lighter, but also have a nice scent that I love.

This body potion spray is different.  The scent seems to linger a whole lot longer and it may be due to the fact, that it has a carrier oil added to it.  When you add a carrier oil to essential oils and to a fragrance, the scent is known to last longer.

This Sea Salt & Flowers Sea Grass- Flowers Spray smells awesome!  I love the scent and it is a scent that I normally go for!  It has a soft & captivating scent of sea grass & flowers, which include a fusion of Fresh Sea Grass, Night Jasmine, Beach Flowers, Sea Salt and other ethereal ingredients.

Beach Witch sprays are all made with the finest essential oils, essence oils and organic carrier oils, herbs and flowers.  They are freshly made and do not sit on a shelf for long periods of time.  As a matter of fact, all of The Beach Witch sprays are made within 12 hours before shipping.

I couldn't stop smelling my wrists, after spraying this Sea Salt & Flowers Body Collection Oil Spray!  It was just so intoxicating and so addictive!  The Beach Witch has 288 items in her Etsy Shop, all of which revolve around Magickal potions, lotions, oils and sprays to ritual waters and dream pillows.  Such a unique, interesting and fun shop that you MUST check out.

This Sea Salt & Flowers Collections Sprays are available in a 2 oz, below is a sample of what I received.

Sample of Sea Salt & Flowers~Sea Grass & Flowers Spray

Some of the other fragrances that I have tried and love by The Beach Witch are the Summer Love Roll On, Beautiful Sea, Orange Blossom and Pink Beach...but my all time favorite is definitely the Sea Salt & Flowers Spray - Sea Grass & Flowers!



***I may have received complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are always 100% my own.

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