Wednesday, April 19, 2017

GLITTER GLAM! 10 Pack Glitter Samples by The Unicorn Crafts

Oh what fun, it is to craft, with glitter!  I love glitter.  There are so many things you can do with it and it's just so pretty!  I love the sparkles, the shine and working with it.  If you have little kids, you can create many paper crafts with glitter or make fairy bottles and sprinkle it around where you may find fairies! You can also add the glitter to your finger nail polish, your makeup (watch the eyes!) and even apply it to your hair and face.

There are numerous things you can do with glitter and Allison, over at The Unicorn Crafts Etsy Shop, has a variety of glitter to choose from.  The glitter shown here is the Surprise 10 Pack Glitter Samples, where each glitter container consist of various colors.  Just about every color imaginable can be found at The Unicorn Crafts Etsy Shop. 

Allison gave some great tips on how or what to use the glitter.  You can hairspray your hair, add a little glitter where you want it to stay and hairspray your hair again, for staying power and shine.  Try applying it to the side of your face or even on your arms and hands.  Want a little shine to your body?  Why not add a little to your lotion and apply to areas you want to sparkle!

The glitter comes in ten 1/2 gram sample sized plastic bottles, with screw on caps, so you can reseal it without worry of any spillage.  What little girl (or adult kids) wouldn't want to play and experiment with a wide range of colorful glitter? 

The glitter just sparkles and shines under the lights and I love to mix a couple colors together, for added fun.  Take a look at how one customer used the gold glitter.  So creative and neat!

Go check out The Unicorn Crafts Etsy Shop and explore all 66 items they have available.  Allison sells 10 packs, 3 packs, Glitter bottles, Glitter pendants, magnets and more.



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