Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mint Mojito Soy Candle by Farm House Candles

I love to walk into a room, first thing, and smell the wonderful scents and fragrances wafting throughout!  There's something about the burning of candles and wax melts that just puts you in a good mood, for me, anyways.

There are so many varieties, scents, sizes and shapes to choose from and that is why I love candles!  Not only for their scents and memories that they may bring, but they also serve as a decor in my house.

FarmHouseCandlesKY has this wonderful candle that I absolutely love!  It is the Mint Mojito and it has this light green mint color to the candle. Yes...I chose this candle, just for the name, but hey...I'm glad I did!   This candle comes in a 9 oz. glass jar, with a personalized Farm House Candles Tag around it.  The materials or contents in this Mint Mojito candle are: Soy wax, wood wick, dye and fragrance oil.  I was pleasantly surprised to find, that this candle did NOT have a weak smell or a scent you could barely smell.  After a few minutes of lighting it, I could smell the wonderful minty flavor of this candle.

Farm House Candles are hand poured, crackling wood wick, same strong scent from first burn to last, burns up to 50% longer than paraffin wax, premium fragrances and 10% of the sales supports faith based local non-profits.  WHY WOULDN'T YOU BUY FARM HOUSE CANDLES!

Farm House Candles has 153 items in their Etsy shop, ranging from 9 oz soy candles to 14 oz soy candles, as well as soy wax melts.  I love soy wax melts.  I use them ALL the time.  Just pop a couple into a scentsy pot or any other wax melting pot and enjoy the aromas!  One of the wax melts I had the privilege to try from Farm House Candles was the Apples & Maple Bourbon.  OH MY!  How wonderful this smells and it smells so much like maple bourbon and sweet apples !  

These wax melts come in a 3 oz and packaged in a plastic container.  Each cute is 1/2 oz with 6 cubes.  I can tell you from experience...The Apples & Maple Bourbon will NOT disappoint you!  It has such a sweet smell, that I just couldn't get enough of it!  

I love the presentation and the total package of both the wax melts and the candle.  These wax melts, to me, has a stronger scent than the ones you can buy at Walmart.  

You can check out what FarmHouseCandlesKY has to offer by visiting their links, below.


***I may have received complimentary products, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expresses are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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