Thursday, April 13, 2017

Soft and Luxurious Moisturizing 8 oz Body Lotion and Moisturizer - JuneBugSoapCo

I absolutely love bath and body products.  More so, if they are either relaxing and/or rejuvenating and the scents...Oh My Goodness!  Anything that smells good AND moisturizes my dry skin, I'm all in for!

This 8 oz. Moisturizing Skin Cream that is shown here, was created by June Bug Soap Co on Etsy.  It is a very generous size jar and the best thing is, you get to choose what scent you want added.  I chose Grapefruit, as there is just something about that scent I love.  I love it in candles, as well as bath and body products.

I love how this moisturizing cream just softens and moisturizes my skin...and may I might add...smells heavenly!  The cream is like a whipped lotion, that goes on really smooth and silky.  You can use this as a body lotion, body butter, facial cream...anything!

It absorbs very well, not leaving a greasy or oily feeling.  It more like a body butter consistency and has a scent that is not over whelming.  The ingredients that you will find in JuneBugSoapCo's 8 oz. Moisturizing Body Cream contains these ingredients.

     *Sweet Almond Oil
     *Avocado Oil
       *Coconut Oil
     *Castor Oil
     *Vitamin E
     *Stearyl Alcohol
You can add these scents, upon ordering

     1. Citrus
     2. Tree Tea
     3. Eucalyptus
     4. Vanilla
     5. Orange
     6. Lemon
     7. Lime
     8. Grapefruit
     9. Pine
    10. Ginger
    11. Patchouli
    12. Rosemary
    13. Sage
    14. Basil
    15. Geranium
    16. Lavender
    17. Lemongrass
    18. Peppermint
    19. Spearmint
    20. Anise
    21. Frankincense
    22. Clove Bud
    23. Cinnamon Leaf
    24. None

Matt Morrison is the shop owner of JuneBugSoapCo on Etsy and has over 100 items in his shop...140 to be exact.  There, you will find: Soaps, 3 pack soaps, Moisturizers, Organic Body Washes and Party Favors.  Go check JuneBugSoapCo out.  I am pretty sure that you will be impressed and find something that you just have to have.  

Have a birthday, wedding or special event coming up?  Why not take a look at what all JuneBugSoapCo has to offer?

I can't express enough, how much I love this moisturizing lotion.  I use it every night on my dry legs and they just feel so much smoother after using it.  I love the hint of Grapefruit and thinking about ordering another, in maybe Orange!

This lotion is available in an 8 oz. plastic bottle and 8  oz glass jar.


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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