Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hotel Spa Experience - Hotel Spa's Hand Shower 7 Settings with an On/Off Pause Switch

Don't you just hate it when your shower head clogs up, doesn't have much power or worse yet, has only one setting?  Well, after experiencing the many settings on this HotelSpa Hand Shower, I was so excited! Who gets excited over a simple shower!!!  

This HotelSpa Hand Shower has 7 different settings, ranging from a firm spray to a rain forest experience.  The hand shower has an on/off pause switch, that allows you to turn the shower off by a simple click of a switch.  It has an extra long hose and for those who are short, like me, it also has a low reach bracket, giving you the added flexibility that you need.  

It can be easily removed, for those times when you giving your dogs a bath or if you just simply just want to wash your hair, without taking a shower.  The seven settings include:

    *Power Rain
    *Pulsating Massage
    *Hydrating Mist
    *Rain Mist
    *Water Saving Economy Rain
    *Pause Modes

It has an 4 inch shower head for better coverage as well as an extra long 6 ft. super flexible stainless steel hose.  I absolutely love experiencing each setting! My favorite....Well, I haven't quite decided, but it's a tie between the Hydrating Mist and Power Rain!  

The HotelSpa Hand Shower was easy to install and the instructions that came with it were simple to understand.  It may have took less than 5 minutes to install.  It's that simple.  

You can find this HotelSpa Hand Shower at:

***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.   All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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