Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Enjoy A Low Carb Snack with These Sweet Cinnamon Sugar Pork Rinds

Do you love chips, but feel deprived because you are on a low carb diet? Being on a low carb diet is not so bad, unless you are used to eating certain snacks that are not good for you, such as chips, breads and pasta.  I've done the low carb thing before and finding low carb snacks seems harder than the finding actual meals.

When it comes to snacks and substituting chips, I found that pork rinds are a great alternative!  Not only are they low carb, but you can get these in several flavors and they satisfy that crunch!  If you live in a small town as I do, there's not many options when it comes to pork rinds.  There is either the plain or bbq flavored....that's it!  

Julias Pantry Etsy Shop just made my options a little bit better!  She has these wonderful tasting pork rinds, that are these sweet cinnamon sugar flavor.  They are definitely a different take on the original pork rinds!  They come in an 8 oz bag that makes one gallon!  These pork rinds are called Pork Puffies and they have only 1 carb per 1 cup serving.  They have a slight sweet taste with a hint of cinnamon sugar, perfect to curb any sweet and crunchy craving!

These pork puffies has 65% less fat, 33% less sodium, 40% less calories and 32 mg less cholesterol than original fried pork rinds. You can cook these pork rind puffies three different ways; microwave on a paper plate, oven bake them and fry them.  It's just that easy!

These taste so good!  I love the sweetness and the desert like snack that these pork rind puffies provide. If you aren't into the cinnamon sugar goodness of these pork rinds, you can find other flavors at Julias Pantry Etsy Shop.  She has the Original, Jalapeno, BBQ, Sassy Red Pepper, Habanero and Smokey Chipotle! 

Not only do these make for a great snack, but you can also use these as a breading!  You can make a 'bread-less" bread pudding or crush them and use as a low carb breading. That bread pudding sure does look good!

Go check out Julias Pantry Etsy Shop for these great pork rind puffies!  Not only will you find these great pork rind puffies, but you will also find Dips, batters, sauces, Pancake and waffle mix, oats, grains & grits, Southern drop biscuits and a whole lot more!  If you're looking for a great rub for meat grilling, you have to try Julia's Pantry Sassy Red Pepper Caramelizing Rub!



***I may have received complimentary products,in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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