Monday, May 8, 2017

The Healthier Ketchup - Not Ketchup!

How many of us are on the low carb, Paleo or Whole30 diet?  I know that I just started the low carb diet a month ago, and although I've pretty well stuck to it, staying 30 carbs and below, there were times (weekends seem to get me), that I just seem to throw all that out the window.  Then I think about this carb cycling program, where you stick to your low carb routine through the week and then up your carbs (carb overload) for the weekend, to give your body a shock and to get the metabolism rolling again, in burning a few more pounds.

Well, I've done that twice, and let me tell you, my stomach and digestive system pays for it...BIG TIME!  I miss my hamburgers (yeah, I know, I can have those without a bun, but not the same!) and other sandwiches.  I'm not much of a bread eater, but there are certain foods, where I just have to have the bread, ketchup, mustard and the works.

Being on a low carb diet, you are limited to what types of foods and condiments you can have.  Let's take ketchup for an example.  Ketchup is not TOO bad, when it comes to carbs, but it does contain the Not-So-Good ingredients, such as sugar, corn syrup and additives.

This Fruitchup, yes, I said Fruitchup, is a healthier version of the ketchup, by NotKetchupSauces.  Instead of using corn syrup and sugar to sweeten the ketchup, NotKetchupSauces uses raisins, dates, figs and real fruit to create this ketchup!  Let me tell you...this stuff is amazing!  I thought there could never be another substitute for ketchup, but I was wrong.  This is a little sweeter than ketchup and goes great with your burgers, fries and even steaks

This delicious ketchup is made with NO SUGAR ADDED, nor artificial sweeteners. Just plain ol' good fruit and natural ingredients.  This Fruitchup is:

     *Gluten free
     *Soy free
     *Low Carb
     *Dairy free

This line of ketchup was created by Erika Kerekes, a culinary artist and flood blogger, who has battled with Type 2 Diabetes.  This has led her to create a healthier version of ketchup and sauces, not only for her, but for others who live a diabetic life, looking for a low carb sauce.  Not Ketchup brings healthy sauces to your kitchen, to flavor your gourmet meals!  

NotKetchupSauces has 11 items that are diabetic friendly, low carb, Paleo and Gluten Free.  They range from Not Ketchup sauces to BBQ Sauces & Chipotle sauces.   To be totally honest....I actually prefer this not ketchup over my regular ketchup!  I love the unique taste of this sauce and I can taste a hint of raisin, which by the way, I love!

Go check out this and other sauces at NotKetchupSauces Etsy Shop!



***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange,for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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