Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Ultra Absorbent, Fast Drying, Nano Hair Wrap Twisty Towel.

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How many of us just wash our hair and then throw it up in a towel to dry?  Any show of hands?  Well, I'm guilty, but I like to let my hair dry half way and then take a blow dryer to it.  My hair is thick, naturally curly and the longer it gets, the thicker it gets, the longer it takes for my hair to dry.  

I hate spending all that time blow drying my hair.  Let's face it, that hair dryer can get pretty hot, which makes me hot!  Who has time for that?  This unique fast drying hair towel is the Nano Hair Wrap Twisty Body Towel.  It is super absorbent and dries hair faster than your average body towel.  It has the absorbent Nanolon fiber that enables water to be drawn from your hair, faster than your body towel.

This Nano Hair Wrap Towel is about half the size of my normal body towels, which makes it so much easier and convenient when drying my hair.  I hate using my long bulky towels to dry my hair, especially when you have to wrap the long tail of the towel under neath.

This Nano Hair Wrap towel has a small loop and button, that allows you wrap the towel and fasten, making drying your hair fast and easy.  It's so soft and very easy to fasten and the towel is not too tight on my head and stays in place. It's also very lightweight, easy to carry with you on trips and takes up very little room at all, if any.  Plus...it looks so much better than my body towels!

You can grab this Nano Hair Wrap towel, Here



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