Monday, August 7, 2017

Keep Your Little One Busy With The Little Engineer Multi functional Musical Learning Work Bench For Kids

Each day as my grandson gets older, I can see a significant difference in his learning; crawling, walking, clapping and figuring out how certain things work. He just amazes me every time I see him doing something new. He's even figured out that my cell phone can play videos and music and it's one of those things he always wants when he sees it (I've also found my phone, locked or frozen, as well!)

When it comes to toys for babies and toddlers, anything that is musical, has lights and keeps them busy is a big plus!  These are the kind of toys that toddlers love!  One of those toys I found, that is not only musical and will keep our little one busy, but also a learning tool, is the Little Engineer Multi-functional Musical Learning Tool Work Bench for Kids by PowerTRC.  

This toy has many activities for your little ones, such as hammering the different shaped blocks, that has A, B, C; imitation electric drill, saw, screwdriver, wrench and bench clamp.  Your little one can be just like daddy (or mommy!) when it comes to working on his work bench.

The Work Bench for Kids has 7 different melodies that your child can sing-a-long to, with lively music, fun sounds and flashing lights.  It has a pull out drawer for the storage of the bench toys, as well as built in volume control for quiet play.

This neat Little Engineer Multi-functional Musical Learning Work Bench is very brightly colored, easy to capture your toddler's eyes. Bright colors are know to attract your baby's attention and between all the sounds, lights and colors...your child will keep himself busy figuring out all the different attractions of this work bench.

If there is hammering or pounding involved, Brody is going to love it!  This work bench is perfect for him as he gets to do something he enjoys...POUNDING ON THINGS!  

You can purchase your PowerTRC Little Engineer Multi-Functional Musical Learning Work Bench for Kids, HERE:



***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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