Saturday, August 5, 2017

Your Toddler's Very Own Pull Toy Wagon

Many of us moms, at some point of time, had a little red wagon to pull our little one's in.  Today, you will still see those wagons, but a lot of them have become more advanced...such as an overhead canopy or an individual seat.  Wagons have come a long way and it is one of those things that children love.

But what about a wagon, where your child pull IT?  A wagon, where your child can put most of his little toys into, and push or pull wherever he desires?  The toy wagon, featured below, is just that.  It's a small wagon, large enough to hold a few favorite toys, but small enough for your toddler to handle.  It is from Triokid on Amazon and they have several colors to choose from; yellow, light purple-pink and light blue.

What do you get with this Triokid Toy Pull Wagon?
     *Function - The perfect wagon for kids to haul their toys and an additional
        small pocket to carry smaller toys. 
      *Portability - Easy to fold and lightweight, allowing children to pull 
      *Stylishness - stylish design and stylish melange fabric that allows your 
        child to make this wagon unique.
      *Safety - All toys from Triokid are tested and pass all physical tests, 
        chemical test, including lead content and heavy metal screening. The 
        fabric of the wagon comes from an oeko-tex certified supplier that tests
        the textile products at environmentally friendly facilities.

This awesome toy wagon that your child will absolutely love, has a rotatable handle, that can be adjusted, up to 21.2 inches. Dimensions of the wagon are:
Length: 16.5" x Width: 11.8" x Height: 10.2"

My grandson, Brody, took to this toy wagon instantly and he played with it for almost an hour, the first day we presented it to him.  It rolls across the floor very smoothly and I found that the handle was very easy to adjust, allowing smaller children, such as a 10 month old that is walking, to pull it.  It is so cute and what's even cuter, is a toddler pulling his own wagon with toys!

You can purchase your toddler's Triokid Toy Wagon HERE -


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...All opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own.

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