Monday, December 17, 2018

Flexo Ocean Life Turtle 3D Flexible Building Brick Toy

Christmas is just around the corner and I've just about finished my Christmas shopping.  I know, I know...most of you guys probably start your Christmas shopping like 3 months early; me, I usually wait until the last few weeks before Christmas.

Most of the time, I pretty well know what I am going to gift my family and friends, but you always have that one that seems difficult to find for, whether it's a child or an adult.  I found the idea gift for those who loves to work with their hands; those who love somewhat of a challenge and who loves creative projects.

This Flexo Ocean Life Turtle 3D Flexible Building Brick Toy is just that.  It contains 16 Flexo Circle Bricks, 64 Flexo Equilateral Triangle Bricks, 2 Eyes, 1 Black Tendon Sheet (112 Tendons), Template, Digital Instructions and Flexo Multi Tool.

The first thing I done when I received this flexible brick box was download the app - Flexo AR.  Once this app was downloaded, I waved it across the front of the box the Flexo Ocean Life Turtle came in and the picture on the box literally swam!  This turtle swam across my phone screen, begging me to get him out of the box so we could go ride the tide.  I must admit, it was kind of cool!

There is a YouTube video you can watch, that guides you into how to build your Flexo Ocean creature.  Oh, and let me just mention...these Flexo Ocean Life creatures are available in a crab, seahorse, turtle, stingray and fish and all are bendable, swimable and float, so they're perfect for bath time for kids.

The age requirement is 7 and up, mainly due to small parts, so it is highly recommended not to leave small children alone with this toy. The difficulty level of this toy is 1 out of not too bad.  I know the video is recommended in building your sea creature, but I wanted to just look at the picture on the box to see if I couldn't figure out. NOPE!  You HAVE to watch the video.  I realized, even though the first part of my turtle looked wasn't!  Watching the YouTube video made the assembly go so much smoother and faster and made so much sense.  Here is my finished project!

I won't lie...I had fun creating my sea turtle and the more it came together, the more excited I was. Although you may not can tell, this turtle does have dimensions to him - 3D to be exact and it not flat, like this photo, above, seems to portray him. The blocks resemble leggo blocks, but the rubber like tendons is what makes this sea creature come to life, bending and flexing.  I found it was easier to snap the tendons between the blocks, using the multi tool that came in this kit.  I also found out, that you will have extra rubber tendons after you complete your creature.  This may be due to some that may be lost or damaged as you are building your creature.

You can purchase this fun building brick toy at:

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***I received a complimentary product for testing purposes, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are 100% my own.***

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