Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Detox.Balance.Strengthen - Benedetta's Life Changing Seaweed Bath

You guys may have heard me talk about Benedetta and their farm sourced natural products.  Recently, I enjoyed using Benedetta's organic deodorant and today...I'm here to talk about their life changing seaweed bath.  What I mean about life changing, is that their seaweed bath is said to detox, balance and strengthen.  

last night was the first night that I enjoyed soaking in a warm tub filled with this amazing seaweed bath.  It consisted of a grounded seaweed powder and a small bottle of amazing smelling oil.  Combined together under running warm water, this instantly filled my tub and turned my bath water into a seaweed colored bath!

The oil is the first thing I smelled as it hit the running water and as I soaked in this seaweed bath, I found myself actually enjoying soaking in this seaweed colored water.  I will will need to rinse your tub out after using this, as it will leave behind a little of the seaweed color residue, but it easily, without any effort at all, rinsed away.

"Benedetta's Seaweed Bath combines three therapies for a truly indulgent, cleansing experience.  Their bath combines bathing in water hot enough to be therapeutic, therapy from the sea and aromatherapy.  Seaweeds are known thyroid tonics and aid the natural processes of the body. We use a micronized blend of combined seaweed powders with a therapeutic dose of our essential oil blend. This powerful, luxurious treatment will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and your body relaxed and rejuvenated. This life-changing bath can help detoxify, balance, and strengthen your entire system when used regularly."

How can Benedetta's Seaweed Bath benefit you?  I've listed several benefits, down below.

     *Shorten the duration of the cold/flu
     *Helps to relieve cramps and pains during menstrual cycle
     *Anti-viral essential oil blend helps support overall health
     *Aids in releasing toxins in the body
     *Helps support thyroid function & regulate metabolism

Now...I can't really explain what it was after I stepped from Seaweed Bath, but I can honestly say...I felt so much better and relaxed.  AND...I know this may be TMI (too much info) but the next day, I had more bowel movements during the day, than I normally have (and let me tell ya...I usually only go first thing in the morning!) I told ya...TMI, but it's true!  I don't know if this was from the seaweed bath, but I'll take it!

I can only imagine all the benefits that this seaweed bath is capable of, if used on a daily or weekly basis.  Want to experience your own life changing bath?  Well...I have partnered up with Benedetta on an awesome giveaway on Instagram and Facebook!  Just CLICK the link below and enter the giveaway for your chance to win Benedetta's Life Changing Seaweed Bath.

***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my 
honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are
100% my own.***

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