Monday, January 21, 2019

Fashionable Clothes at Reasonable Prices - Femme Luxe

Hey y'all!  I can't tell you how excited I am to stumble across some awesome clothes that actually fit!  I'm not talking about going into a department store, trying on clothes and they end up not fitting.  I'm talking about actually ordering something, online and not knowing if the size is YOUR size and worrying if it will fit when it arrives.  We've all been there...seeing something that you are totally in love with, online...your order finally arrives,  only to find that it just doesn't meet up to your expectations. I know...I've been there myself...MANY TIMES!

Not only do these clothes fit, but they are also very fashionable pieces and clothes that I would actually wear.  The brand is Femme Luxe.  Femme Luxe is UK based and offers various styles of clothes from casual to formal wear.  They have lounge wear, dresses, knit sweaters, shoes and accessories. Femme Luxe is a classy and current online fashion brand that is going forward with their thinking when creating trendy clothes.  They are posting different styles, every week, so go check out their site to keep updated on what they have coming out.  I ended up with four items, which you will see below. Each outfit I chose was in the size ML (12/14).

The first and second items are the Knit Block Color Jumper Dress Sweater.  It comes in Pink/White, Black/White and Gray/White. The sweater dress can be worn as either a dress or a sweater with leggings and jeans.  It's available in sizes SM (8/10) & ML (12/14).  I ended up going with size ML (12/14) and so happy I did.  It fits perfectly! I absolutely love the sleeves on this sweater dress!  The sleeves are large and drapey and the whole sweater is so soft and comfy...perfect for Fall and Winter! I'm so happy I got this in two different colors!  You can check these jumper sweaters out at:

The third item is an oversized gray knitted polo neck sweater.  I can see many ways to wear this sweater, other than with jeans!  Pair this up with cotton or leather leggings or dress it up with a long skirt.  Being that I'm not much of a dress or skirt wearer, I decided to pair this up with my favorite leggings.  Not only would this look good with your basic black leggings, but gray seems to go well with white, olive green or even your matching gray leggings.  This is the perfect sweater for those cold months, especially if you tend to have long cold winters.  As like the other sweaters, this is ultra comfy, soft and love how it fits.  Sizes available are SM (8/10) and ML (12/14).  Currently, at the time of this post, they are sold out.  They do have other colors available, such as the Neon Lime, Fuchsia and Pink Extreme.  Although this sweater is thick and warm, I found that it does not stretch out of shape, when worn for long periods of time.  I absolutely love the sleeves because of the cuffed wrists, which is ultra comfortable and just like the sweater itself, does not seem to stretch out of shape.  I think this may be my favorite, so far...but is sure is a close tie with the Black/White Knit Block Color Jumper Sweater!

Last, but definitely not least, is the Black with White Stripe Off the Shoulder Lounge Wear Set.  This is a two piece set that is super cute and perfect for just lounging around in or maybe as a workout outfit.  The pants have a comfortable stretch cuff bottom, white stripe down the side of the pants and a drawstring waist. The top is a cropped top and has the same white stripe down the sleeve, to match the drawstring pants.  It's not just for lounging around in.  Why not wear it out layered with a bomber jacket and heels?  You now have an outfit that you can wear out on the town...while at the same time, being comfortable! I, unfortunately, was a little bigger than this suit, so the photo you see below is the one the model is wearing. The pants DID fit me, but the sleeves of the crop top was tighter than I like and being a gal that has a little more weight to her, the crop top did not do me any justice.  I did love the whole outfit, as it is super cute, but I think I will be just wearing the pants...until I can lose a little more weight. Available sizes are: SM (8/10) and ML (12/14).  As with the previous items above, I chose the size ML (12/14).

***I may have received complimentary item(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are solely 100% my own***

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