Tuesday, June 25, 2019

50 New Items at Femme Luxe Finery and 50% Off Site Wide!


I couldn't be more excited!  My favorite online site has added 50 new items and...EVERYTHING is 50% off!  That's right...Femme Luxe Finery finally has over 50 new items that I am so thrilled about; items that I can actually see myself wearing and fits.  

You guys should know by now, that Femme Luxe Finery is my go-to shop when shopping for new clothes.  Not only because they are so fashionable and totally my style, but because this site is ALWAYS having some sort of sale going on and their clothes are very very affordable.  A lot of their items, if bought in a mall or well known department store, would cost twice as much...if not more.

I can't express enough, just how well the quality of Femme Luxe Finery's clothes are.  They do not look, or feel, cheaply made.  The quality of the fabric and the clothes are awesome and I have not been disappointed, at all, by the quality of their clothes.

Now...with all that being said, I mentioned that Femme Luxe Finery has added 50 new items to their site and I'm here to show you the four pieces that I chose.  The first photo is a Snake Print Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set.  This short sleeve loungewear set comes available in many colors and prints.  I had a tough time choosing which one to choose, first, but finally decided on the snake print, as I'm a huge fan of animal print clothing.  This is a two piece loungewear set that features a capri style pant and a short sleeve boxy cut top that is super comfy, super soft and perfect for either lounging around the house, outside or dress it up with some heels for a more dressier look. This is my absolute favorite of the four. Love, Love, Love!


    *Available colors: Black, Camel, Khaki, White, Grey, Rust, Rose, Snake,      
                                  Houndstooth and Brown Check.
     *Available Sizes: S/M (8-10) & M/L (12-14)
     *Price: $23.00

I have been searching for an oversized button down shirt, that I can wear with my leggings; one that goes perfect and one that is meant to be worn, not only with leggings, but one that serves as a cute shirt dress for the summer.  This shirt is in a Rolled Sleeve Shirt Dress in the stone color and has a simple thin fabric belt that you can wrap around the shirt to emphasize your waist and the shirt.  It has buttons down the whole front of the shirt and has a small pocket on the front.  It feels very lightweight and although it's long sleeve, the fabric is thin enough to wear during the spring and summer.  Super Cute!


     *Available colors:  Blue, Navy, Red, Stone & White
     *Available Sizes:   6, 8, 10, 12 & 14
     *Price: $23

The third is this very comfortable, stylish Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set in Brown.  This is definitely going to be one I wear all the time, to work!  Wear it together or mix-n-match the top with black leggings or dark colored pants!  I think you can even pull the top off with a lighter colored pant.  The set features a soft ribbed legging and a top that comes with a thin fabric belt, once again, to emphasize the waist area.  The top has slits on each side and is perfect as a loungewear set or work attire.  I really love two piece sets that can also be worn as separates!


     *Available colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Khaki & Stone
     *Available Sizes: S/M (8-10) & M/L (12-14)
     *Price: $24

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite styles of jeans...the ripped-distressed jeans.  These are the Mid Wash Ripped Straight Leg Jeans and almost every pair of jeans you see me in, will be the distressed jeans.  They have a high waist, which by the way, is very trendy and very popular today.  I love how even the very end of the jean legs has this frayed distressed look, which follows the whole distressed look throughout the jeans.  There is one large rip-out in one leg, with smaller rips throughout both legs.  I can't wait to wear these out!


     *Available colors:  Light Wash, Mid Wash
     *Available sizes:   6, 8, 10, 12 & 14
     *Price: $28

So, what is your favorite from the four pieces shown?  Do you love the two pieces...or did the jeans catch your attention?  You know...you don't have to settle on any of the four pieces shown here.  You can go check out all the new items Femme Luxe Finery has to offer by a simple click - HERE! 

Go check them out...and come back and let me know what was YOUR favorite!

***I may have received a complimentary product(s), in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are 100% my own and I only recommend products that I truly love***

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