Monday, August 5, 2019

Accessorize Your Wardrobe With This Multilayered Leather & Crystal Wrap Bracelet

Oh how I love jewelry, specifically bracelets, when it comes to accessorizing my wardrobe.  Jewelry is that one thing that can always make an outfit complete.  My two main jewelry pieces that I always have to have are earrings and bracelets...and if I must add a third, necklaces.

When I received this bracelet in the mail the other day, I was in awe.  The bracelet was more beautiful in person, than the picture shown and I could not have been happier when I opened up the little red gift box, only to reveal a shiny and well made bracelet that just glistened under the lights.

This bracelet is the Multilayered Leather and Crystal Wrap Bracelet, available on Amazon.  The bracelet features a magnetic clasp (the first multilayered bracelet I've owned with this type of clasp) that allows for easy on-easy off.  The bracelet is handmade and fits my wrist perfectly - not too tight or too loose.  

The bracelet is beautifully crafted with 100% real leather, rhinestones and crystals with a sturdy alloy magnetic buckle clasp and an alloy leaf charm.  The style of the bracelet is a bohemian look, that is perfect for everyday wear as well as the perfect accessory for a night on the town or special parties.  It's very well made, very classy and the color goes well with everything in my closet!

The little red gift box that it comes with makes it ideal for gift giving as well as a way of storing your bracelet away from the sunlight and dust. This is one bracelet that I will definitely be wearing ALL THE TIME! Each and every piece of this bracelet is detailed to give that ultimate classy and chic look, without paying the price.

This bracelet is available on Amazon.  Check it out at:

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