Thursday, September 5, 2019

Affordable and Fashionable Jewelry - The Multi-layer Leather Handmade Bracelet with Crystals, Metal and Magnetic Clasp

Good morning, guys and gals!  You may recall, in an earlier post, a multi-layered genuine leather bracelet adorned with crystals, rhinestones and an alloy bracelet. Well today, I am here with yet another bracelet...very similar to the first one and by the same brand, but of a different design and style.

The bracelet, shown above, is of a pastel pink bracelet that has a metal arrow design charm or pendant.  It also features rows of rhinestones (which, by the way, I LOVE!) It also has the same magnetic clasp, making it easier to fasten the bracelet, as well as to remove.  Once wrapped around your wrist, the magnetic clasp instantly attaches itself.  I actually feel more secure wearing this type of bracelet, as I know how sturdy and how well this bracelet stays on, without worrying if I have it securely clasped in one of the metal rings.

Another thing that I love about this bracelet is that the leather strips are of different widths.  I love that not only do you have like really thin rope like leather bands, but also some that are like 1/2" widths.  It gives a whole new dimension to this beautiful bracelet.

This bracelet, unlike the other one I reviewed not too long ago, has more of a relaxed, loose fit.  The different leather straps intertwine with each other, as with the other, the bands laid in a perfect row, side by side, without intertwining.  AND...if you plan on giving this bracelet as a gift, well...the little red gift box it comes in makes it perfect for gift giving!  With both bracelets from this brand, I was in awe over all the sparkle and specific details put into each bracelet.

You can go check out this bracelet, as well as others by this brand, at:

***I received a complimentary bracelet, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are 100% my own!***

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