Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Buddy Biscuits Mini Jerky Dog Treats - Turkey & Cranberry

My dogs are spoiled, untrained and disobedient...but I love them!  I'm sure they would be more well behaved, if I trained them, but working full time and entertaining a 3 year old grandson every day, makes it almost impossible.

In the beginning, when my pups were in the middle of being potty trained, I would always give them a treat, compliment them and say, "good job" and it worked! Treats were the thing to get my dogs to do just about anything and now, they get a treat every day...for no reason, except being by my side and being my babies.

Buddy Biscuits Mini Dog Treat -Turkey & Cranberry - 4oz - image 1 of 10

They are pretty picky when it comes to dog treats...well, one of them anyways.  When I received the opportunity to try a new brand of dog treats (not me, my dogs), I knew they would be excited, but I was also skeptical if they would like them.  Needless to say, they loved them!

Buddy Biscuits has these amazing real like jerky treats for dogs that come in several flavors and one of them is the Turkey & Cranberry.  These treats look just like real jerky.  They are just the right size for my small dogs and are tender and easy to tear in half.  They contain natural ingredients, such as turkey, cranberry, turkey broth, cultured skim milk, vinegar and natural smoke flavor.

Buddy Biscuits Mini Dog Treat -Turkey & Cranberry - 4oz - image 3 of 10

They contain no artificial colors, fillers, or unnecessary additives.  Every morning, my dogs look for a treat (it's a morning thing!) and I love giving them Buddy Biscuits Mini Jerky Dog Treats...because they love them!

You can find these Jerky Dog Treats at Target.  Just click on this link: I'm pretty sure your pups would love them!

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