Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Crunchy Buddy Biscuit Dog Treats - All Natural Flavors Your Dog Will Love

How are all my doggy parents doing during this pandemic?  If you've been keeping up with my blog posts (and I truly love each and every one of you who do) you know I recently posted about Buddy Biscuit Chewy Jerky Treats a couple weeks ago.  These jerky treats were my dogs favorites and they absolutely devoured them!

Now, I am here to talk about Buddy Biscuits...the actual dog biscuit that are made with natural ingredients such as grilled beef, sharp cheddar and roasted chicken.  All these flavors come in one box...the Assorted Flavor pack.  I will tell you right now, I was very skeptical about these dog biscuits, as my dogs have never liked any of the hard biscuit type treats.  They always preferred the chewy and meaty type treats.

Low and behold, I was totally surprised when they actually ate Buddy Biscuit dog treats!  Yes, of course they sniffed for a few seconds, unsure, but once they tasted the Buddy Biscuits, they instantly guarded their treats from one another.  I don't know if it was the natural flavors of the chicken, beef and cheddar, but they wasted no time in chewing them up.

These Buddy Biscuits contain no soy or corn.  They are free from any unnecessary fillers and additives, contain no artificial flavors or colors and are easy on your fur babies digestive system.  These cute and fun shaped biscuits are the shape of a gingerbread kid... not man, but kid, making these treats fun to give to your pups.

I'm sure my dogs could care less about the little gingerbread kid shapes, but they sure do love the taste of them!  These Buddy Biscuits are also available in Grain Free varieties for those pups who can't tolerate grain.  These biscuits are available at Target and can also be purchased online, here:

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