Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dorzi Women's Smocked Waist Baggy Bohemian Harem Pants

Let me start off by saying, I love Palazzo Pants ( and I only have maybe two pairs!) and I love the comfort and looseness of them.  They are some of the most comfortable pair of pants I own.  Both of my Palazzo Pants are of Polyester/Spandex mix and are stretchy, even to fit if you've gained just a few pounds.  There are so many designs, patterns, styles, etc. to choose from and you just can't have one pair.

I was fortunate to receive another pair of Palazzo pants, this time, from Dorzi on Amazon. These are a black/white design, similar to that of an Aztec or tribal print.  They are Polyester/Spandex mix and have a little stretch to them due to the Spandex.  They are of a lightweight material and I love the feel of them.  

The Dorzi Smocked Waist Baggy Bohemian Pants can be worn as a casual pant or as a dressy pant, depending what you pair them up with.  Pair them up with a solid colored t-shirt and flip flops and you have your casual look.  Dress them up with a droop v-neck blouse or a sexy spaghetti strap top and you have your dressy evening look.  

As a reminder, these pants run in Asian sizes.  What that means is, you will need to order a size or two larger to match your normal size.  I normally request an XL in pants when ordering from China, because I like my pants to fit either loose or exactly right.  In this case, I ordered a Large, thinking since these have Spandex, they have stretch and that I normally wear a Large in the Palazzo pants, that these would do just fine.... The only downside about these pants....THEY RUN WAY TOO SMALL!  Although I love the looks, the design and the feel of these pants and I CAN FIT INTO THEM, they are way too tight to be baggy bohemian pants, let alone palazzo pants as shown in the photos.

I probably could wear these with a long shirt and they would look more between a snug fitting palazzo to leggings, and that's probably what I will do.  Although they fit tighter than I would have liked, they still have that comfort fitting when I wear them.  I just wish they were a size bigger, to allow more of a 'loose' fitting in the thigh area.  


***I received a complimentary pair of pants, in exchange, for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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