Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cute Handmade Summer Delight Full Bodied Apron by Fadiddles on Etsy

I can't tell you how many t-shirts, tops and even pants, that I have ruined, all because I did not have an apron to protect my clothes.  Most of my cooking is done on Sunday, when I don't have to work and it never fails, there is always oil that will splatter onto my shirt!  ALWAYS!

Why in the world I hadn't bought a apron is beyond me, but I was thrilled to get the chance to review, not only an apron, but a handmade apron to my liking, by Fadiddles.  Fadiddles is an Etsy store, run by Rachel Marcussen.  She creates custom made apron from scratch fabrics and materials she has on hand and I can honestly say, this is a very unique piece!

This apron is called the Summer Delight Full Bodied Apron and right now, it is currently unavailable.  Although this apron is currently unavailable, Fadiddles has another apron that is...the Zig Zag and Pom Poms full bodied apron.  If you are looking for a specific theme or color, give Rachel a shout.  She may be able to accommodate your needs.

Rachel was very great at suggesting fabric and design preferences and her Etsy store features other items, besides the apron.  This Summer Delight Apron has a cute plaid skirt like bottom, resembling a school girl kind of skirt.  It has a matching plaid pocket on the side front of the apron, to hold any kitchen utensil. The apron comes with ties around the neck and ties around the back, which can also be tied in the front.

The apron is a vibrant yellow, mixed with complimentary colors of reds, yellows, blues and purples and is machine washable.  The apron is plenty big enough to fit around me, protecting my clothing from any mishaps!  Thanks for a great apron, Rachel!

Please check out Fadiddles on Etsy.  There, you will find stunning hand crafted jewelry, baby quilt and the zig zag and pom poms apron.  If you are looking for something in particular, send Rachel a message...I'm sure she would be happy to make you a one of a kind piece!

Visit Fadiddles, HERE!


***I received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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