Thursday, July 27, 2017

Start Your Day with Zoganic FruitZip - Sip On Life

I don't know about you guys, but the first think I want when I wake up, is a nice hot cup of coffee!  I need something to wake me up, something to get me going; plus, I just love the smell of coffee brewing.

It wasn't until recently, that I read an article about how coffee should NOT be the first thing you have in the morning.  WHAT?!! do I get my day started, without feeling so draggy?  The article stated, that when you have that first cup of coffee, on an empty stomach, it could cause digestion problems - preventing the food you eat, afterwards, not to break down and digest - resulting in bloating, gas, etc. (hmmmm, so that explains it.)

Well, I need kickstart my mornings.  I recently was introduced to Zoganic FruitZip.  Zoganic FruitZip is a powdered drink that you mix with water, tea or whatever floats your boat (I prefer mixing mine in water.)  You just mix it with 6-8 oz of water (or beverage of your choice), stir well until dissolved and enjoy.  

Zoganic FruitZip is the FIRST 100% Natural - Straight-From-The Fruit drinkable supplement.  This product is designed to target your main issues, whether it be digestive, energy or just as a great tasting refreshing drink, without all the carbs and calories.  

Before I headed off to work, I wanted to give the Pineapple + Digest a try.  Mind you, I was a little leery about how I would like the pineapple flavored water, as I don't care for pineapple juice (Although I LOVE pineapple!) and to be quite honest, the only way I can actually get a full bottle of water, let alone a glass of water down, is to have it flavored.  So...drum roll please.....I LOVE IT!  It did NOT taste like the pineapple juice that I tried years ago, but more of a fruity drink, with a slight pineapple twist.  I figured, what better way to help my digestive system, after eating a breakfast that consisted of eggs, then to start my morning with Zoganic FruitZip's Pineapple + Digest.

What I really like about Zoganic FruitZip, is that the taste is not too sweet, it's not over powering and it's lightly flavored (the latter depends on how much water you use.)  I found that my bottle of water with Zoganic FruitZip did not last nearly as long as plain bottled water.  It was so good!

Flavors include:

     *Coconut + Energy- Refreshing Coconut Water with a hint of Green Tea            that provides natural electrolytes, B Vitamins, and Calcium & Magnesium            to build long-term stamina.
     *Pineapple + Digest - Pineapple with a light Papaya flavor, formulated to
       help relieve acid reflux, boost energy, and aid digestion. Helps heal and 
       balance the digestive tract.

     *Orange + Immunity - Orange with slight Guava hints.  Bolsters natural
       immunities, boots energy and offers a high-energy shot of vitamins and
       anti-oxidants for better overall health.

     *Multi + Refreshment - Tastes from multiple fruits that contains a 
       complete system of crucial vitamins and minerals that are designed to
       support a better overall health of men, women and adolescents. 

What better way to start your day with these important and crucial elements.  I can already say, Coconut+Energy and the Pineapple + Digest are going to be my number one drinks!  I think I have one of the poorest digestive systems ever!  I can't even eat a salad, without bloating! And since I've slacked off on working out and have somewhat low energy...well, Coconut Energy - You're my best friend!

AND...for those who are on a health kick, concerned about calories and fear.  These packets have only 25 calories and just 5 carbs, per packet.  Each pack contains 15 packets.

If you want a drink that is healthy, supports your overall health and to help get your day started, you can purchase Zoganic FruitZip HERE.  Your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Try Risk-FREE at

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***I may have received complimentary product(s), in exchange,for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS, I only recommend products that I have tried, loved and believe are beneficial to my readers.

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