Friday, August 18, 2017

PowerTRC Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set

How many of my readers are fishing people?  Or...better yet, how many of you are fishing people with little ones who are just a little too young to know how to use a fishing pole?  One day, your little fishing buddy will become old enough to enjoy the fishing trips and the excitement of catching his first fish.

In the meantime, when you are out fishing, how about taking this cute Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set with you so your child can be 'just like daddy' or just like 'mommy!'

This Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set is by PowerTRC and sold by Genius Buy on Amazon.  It consists of 3 very colorful hard plastic fish and 1 hard plastic duck, as well as a reel.  The fishing reel has a plastic hook on the end of the line and allows your child to hook his first fish!  The reel can rotate, to reel up the fish and is perfect for those who love playing in the water, such as bath time or out in the kiddie pool.

When your child is done playing with the Hook and Reel Fishing Toy, he still has the colorful yellow duck, that he can play with during bath time (or anytime!) If you are lucky enough to have a kiddie water and activity table, set the fish in the water and watch your little one have fun, trying to catch the fish.

The fish are very vibrant and colorful, with colors of purple and red, orange and purple, with the reel with colors of bright yellow and blue.  It will take a little practice (and patience) to hook the fish with the pole, but who said fishing was easy?  This is an adorable fishing toy play set that also comes packaged in a colorful box, showcasing the fish and the reel.  The box mimics the colors of the fish and is a great gift for Christmas, birthday and for those aspiring fishermen!

You can purchase your PowerTRC Hook and Reel Fishing Toy Play Set here:

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