Thursday, August 17, 2017

Give Your Child A Little Security With This Glow Cuddly Stuffed Lamb

Depending on the age of your child, he, or she, may need a little comfort during those bedtime routines.  Your child may still be afraid of the dark, or may just be a little skittish of sleeping alone, without some sort of light.  A night light is fine, for some, to dimly light a room, but why not give them something that they can hold, cuddle up to and hug before they go to sleep?

This adorable cuddly lamb glows in the night, giving your little one a little piece of mind.  It is by Wewill  and sold by Step Biz, on  Amazon.  It has a 30 minute timer, that will allow the lamb to stay lit for that amount of time.  It is equipped with colorful LED lights and if you press the left hand (red press button), the lamb will automatically turn off in 30 minutes.

This adorable companion for your child is approximately 9 inches in height and requires 2 AA batteries, not included. I love how soft and cuddly this little lamb feels and the LED lights have a soft glow to them.  Perfect for both boys and girls, this Glow Cuddly Stuffed Lamb will sure to be a favorite with your child.

When my grandson first saw this, he just wanted to hug on it.  He didn't realize it lit up, until I put the batteries in.  He just stared at the lamb and gave me this sweet little smile.  It's the perfect size for little ones to sleep with or take with them on long trips.  

You can purchase your very own Glow Cuddly Stuffed Lamb, here:

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