Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let's Go Bowling! A Deluxe Super Set Bowling Game For Kids

Strike!  No, it doesn't mean you're out, but is something I always wanted when I used go bowling on the weekends, with friends.  I had so much fun, trying to get as many pins down, but this game seemed to always defeat me! Sometimes it was three pins, sometimes it was one and other times...GUTTER!

I don't bowl, anymore, but I still love the sport/game.  Now, little ones can join in on the action with their own bowling set.  This bowling set is the Deluxe Super Bowling Set for Kids by Powertrc.  Both pins and ball are very lightweight and can toted to any place you like.  The pins have a smaller ball, inside, that makes a rattle sound, making it more fun for kids to enjoy the bowling game.

The balls inside the pins jump and clatter when you knock them down.  The pins are 7" tall, while the ball is at 6" round.  Both pins and balls are made of sturdy plastic, making this perfect for kids who may seem a little competitive!  The balls and pins are bright colored, which is another reason kids are attracted to this.

Brody, my grand-son, loves to rattle the pins.  He loves to listen the the clatter they make and when it comes to any sort of ball...he has to pick it up and throw it!  I'm still trying to teach him how to actually 'roll' the ball to knock the pins down! And...why does it seem like, that every package I get, he thinks it's for him?  Very understandable.  Although he hasn't grasped what the term 'bowling' means, I still love watching him, carrying and shaking the pins.

This Deluxe Super Set Bowling Game is available at:  It's a fun way to teach kids the basics of bowling, while still having fun and if you're looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift, go check out Genius Buy on Amazon.  They have tons of toys geared to any age kids.

***I may have received a complimentary product, in exchange, for my honest and unbiased review.  REGARDLESS...all opinions expressed are ALWAYS 100% my own and I will only recommend products that I love.

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