Monday, May 18, 2020

Body Shaping and Body Contouring Products That Help Shape and Contour Your Body

With Spring already here and Summer right around the corner, many of us women are looking for ways to get into shape.  Many of us, especially during this pandemic, have been secluded to our homes, preventing us to get to the gym.  If you're one of the lucky ones who has a home gym set up in your home, were probably able to stay in shape.

But for those, such as myself, I've let myself go, gotten lazy and now...I'm trying to find ways to snap myself back into shape; even if it's to only half way to where I was before I gained all this weight.  Diet and exercise have always been the old school way of losing weight and toning up those troubled areas, but I've come to realize, that having a positive mind and positive attitude is the number one way of reaching our goals.

NOW...that doesn't mean we can't try and take advantage of some of these weight training tools I've been seeing and hearing about, such as the Plus Size Waist Trainer for Women.  I've been seeing a lot about these Waist Trainers; how they are designed to slim the waistline while working out...or just by wearing around the house, and helps increase sweat production to contour and shape your waistline area. I also love that these come in MANY styles and designs....loving the red and black animal print!

Another body shaping product I've been seeing is the Tummy Control Shorts.  These shorts come in many styles, lengths and forms which can be high rise up to just beneath your breasts to those that are just shorts, that help compress the thigh, buttock and leg areas.  Compression shorts help compress your bottom, midsection and abdomen area and also give a lift to the buttocks.  

The last product is that of the Double Belt Waist Trainer.  This is similar to the Plus Size Waist Trainer for Women, but has the double belted feature instead of the single belt.  The Double Belt Waist Trainer features a latex waist shaper that is said to help with weight loss and help sculpt and shape your waist.  It has a strong and durable zipper that stays in place and keeps a tight fit around your waist for that long lasting cinching effect.  The double belts on this trainer flattens your tummy and ensures that your tummy stays looking slimmer while wearing it.

You can find these, plus many more body shaping and contouring products at FeelinGirl's website.  There, you can choose the size (sizing chart is available) as well as the color, design and style you are looking for.  I found that their site is very easy to navigate through and allows you to choose your product by categories, which makes shopping their site with ease.

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